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We’re offering a full-service, comprehensive gunsmithing center
that can do just about anything for firearms within a reasonable turnaround time.

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What is a Gunsmith?

A  gunsmith works on guns like a mechanic works on cars. They perform all kinds of repairs, renovations, refurbishing, and restorations. This is different from an armorer, who mostly replaces worn out parts in common firearms. Of course, gunsmiths can also do the work of an armorer, just like a mechanic who usually rebuilds classic cars can also change an oil filter. Gunsmiths have a high degree of skill in the various aspects of working on firearms, and usually have a combination of formal education and experience.

If you’ve ever looked for a gunsmith for any reason, you know that it isn’t all that easy to find a good one. Many companies (armorors or AR mechanics)  have to farm out work to our company because we are able to do so much more. Many people end up coming to us after multiple visits to other places. We suggest coming straight to us to avoid multiple visits or long delays..

If you don’t see something in our price list, contact us at (360) 363-4653 or email and chances are we can do it. In fact, if we can’t do it, then maybe it just can’t be done. If it’s beyond repair and needs to go back to the factory, we can help you with that, too.

Whether you’re looking to customize a new gun, tune up and optimize a gun you already have, or see if you can get that antique back up to operational condition, we’re here to help.

Contact us at (360) 363-4653 or email

216 E 2nd St, Arlington, WA 98223