Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are poorly made by people trying to save money. Costs for repair are more than original cost of the gun. Quantity of safety concerns drive high repair costs. These are just a few of the reasons why we do not work on these guns.

This is complicated.

Short answer is Yes we will Cerakote your parts. Long answer… to do ANY Cerakote on your receiver Pederson Arms must serialize it along with the Cerakote service. So, we will not do a Cerakote without first serializing. Also, we will not assemble, disassemble, or repair 80 Percenters. We will serialize your disassembled receiver (along with other disassembled parts), Cerakote those parts, and then return those parts to you.

#1: it’s the law and Pederson Arms strictly adheres to all state and federal laws. We want to keep our doors open and we do so by following the rules. For us to check your parts into our system it has to be serialized;

#2: if your firearm is stolen you have a chance of it being returned to you. You can report it stolen using this number, in hopes of getting it back if found.

NOTE: the serial number that it will receive has our Pederson Arms FFL# on it which allows it to be identified if ever it needs to be. This data only resides at Pederson Arms. It does not get “sent” anywhere. We stamp it, give it back to you. It doesn’t get into any records but our local Bound Book. The only time authorities see that number is if it used in a crime or found as stolen property. Authorities would see the Pederson Arms FFL# and be able to contact us in order to identify the registered owner.

No, we do not plan to sell any ammunition.

NO!!! Bore snakes break and then they get stuck. They do a terrible job removing wood fouling. Average cost to remove broken bore snake is over $300. After time, bore snakes WILL brake. Should only use standard cleaning rod.

ALWAYS! A deep cleaning is a must because 1) we do not know how long the gun has been stored or in what oiled condition 2) manufacturing defects occur and during a cleaning any issues would be found that would help support a warranty return.

Slow rust is more durable and classy looking and is what we recommend. Drawbacks are that the process takes more time and it is a more expensive process.

Our bluing process and price include the polishing regardless of what is done to the gun prior to its arrival we will polish using our own processes. This is in order to ensure we control the bluing process and the customer receives the results they desire. A polishing “in house” will always be included.

Each repair or build is on a case by case basis. We will only do work that is compliant with rules and regulations, that is safe, and that will not significantly devalue the firearm. “Just because you want to do it doesn’t mean it is a good idea”.

Cerakote ceramic coatings provide the durability and corrosion protection you need with the color you want. If your gun is less frequently used and you want it restored to its most original form bluing would be best. RUST ISSUES: guns with significant rust should be Cerakoted because of possible visual imperfections that would appear using bluing.

MC-7 by Shooters Choice (cannot be used on plated guns), CLP by Break Free, Gun Butter or Lucas Gun Oil.

Firearms come into our shop for a multitude of reasons. Many of which are a result of user error or users attempting a repair on their own. Communicating with your gunsmith exactly what has happened to the gun reduces time spent troubleshooting. You pay for our troubleshooting time so if you come right out and admit that you used YouTube, we often times know what has happened, can diagnose the issue faster, thus reducing cost. We have “seen it all. Do not be embarrassed, just be honest and we can help.

As of March 2022, we are not set up for sales. Future sale opportunities are being planned. Stay Tuned!

As of June 2022, we CAN do transfers. Give us a call!

Curing and finishing wood takes time. This is a hand working process. There are no machines that can complete this work in a quicker flow.