All pricing listed reflects a baseline of cost related to our services.

These prices are subject to change.

Each firearm or service requested is unique in nature and can result in specific parts or services to occur in order to provide to you a product that is safe and that gets the service quality Pederson Arms insists on delivering.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to doing business with you.


Either a field strip & clean including the bore, or a detailed cleaning of all individual parts including ultrsonic cleaning. May be covered by FSP*, if applicable


We are Cerakote Certified Applicators. Includes disassembly & reassembly. Handguns & long guns, all action types. One, two, three colors, camouflage, Micro Slick, etc. Accessories like scopes, bases, rings, magazines, & more.


Revolver action tuning, barrel porting, re-barreling, trigger jobs, chamfer cylinders & barrels, semi-auto action jobs, tighten slides, open & modify ejection ports, bevel mag wells, fit custom or new safeties, & more.


Headspace, install barrel liners, cut & crown barrel, fit & chamber barrel to action, new bolt handles, trigger jobs, install muzzle brakes or flash suppressors, thread barrels, contour or re-contour barrels, & more.

POR = Pricing On Request | *FSP not available in all states

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All prices are subject to change without notice.